Hart of the Smokies

Smoke & Mirrors, Hart of the Smokies, Book 2

More of Abigail Hart’s antics and adventures will be coming your way in 2018.



Up In Smoke, Hart of the Smokies, Book 1

Abigail Hart is once again between jobs. She’s also still between boyfriends, which means it’s time for her semi-annual change of scenery. A new job in a new town is Abby’s favorite tactic for finding a fresh path. But when she learns that the uncle who raised her has been found dead, the result of a suspicious fire, Abby’s next path leads home.

Abby returns to the small town of Unahu, Tennessee, nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, to bury her uncle and sift through the ashes for answers. Things heat up quickly when she finds herself caught between a deadly firebug and the romantic advances of not one, but two handsome friends from her youth.

After another body turns up, though, all of Abby’s longtime friendships and loyalties are called into question as it becomes clear she’s next on the killer’s list.

Peiridae Press, May 24, 2016